Millennicon is proud of the authors we have brought to the Miami Valley to be our GOHs. We have a strong tradition of award winning authors that we plan to continue long into the future.

Millennicon Past GOHs

Millennicon -15

Andrew J. Offutt

Millennicon -14

Hal Clement

Millennicon -13

Juanita Coulson

Millennicon -12

Lois McMaster Bujold

Millennicon -11

Joe Haldeman

Millennicon -10

C.J. Cherryh

Millennicon -9

Michael Kube-McDowell

Millennicon -8

Roger McBride Allen

Millennicon -7

Larry Niven

Millennicon -6

David Brin

Millennicon -5

Millennicon on the Road

Millennicon -4

Diann Thornley

Millennicon -3

Mike Resnick

Millennicon -2

Dr. Ben Bova

Millennicon -1

Connie Willis

Millennicon Liftoff

Catherine Asaro

Millennicon 16

Maureen mcHugh

Millennicon 17

Nancy Kress

Millennicon 18

Harry Turtledove

Millennicon 19

David Drake

Millennicon 20

Elizabeth Moon

Millennicon 21

Wen Spencer

Millennicon 22

Steven Barnes

Millennicon 23

John Scalzi

Millennicon 24

S.L. Farrell

Millennicon 25

Robert Sawyer

Millennicon 26

Tobias Buckell

Millennicon 27

Eric Flint

Millennicon 28

Jim C. Hines

Millennicon 29

Laura Resnick